A thesis based upon a research project in an area of biology carried out under the direction of a member of the Biology department. Arrangements to take BIOLOGY 4C09, including agreement of the supervisory committee, should be made according to Departmental Guidelines before the end of March in Level III. For information on Departmental Guidelines, please refer to the Biology web site at and click on BIOLOGY 4C09, or contact the Course Administrator. Prerequisite(s): Registration in Level IV of any Honours Biology program and permission of the Course Administrator, Life Sciences Building, Room 215A. Students are expected to have a C.A. of at least 8.5. Antirequisite(s): BIOLOGY 4F06, LIFE SCI 4A03, 4B06, 4C09, ORIGINS 4A09, SCIENCE 4A03, 4B06, 4C09 Not open to students with credit or registration in ISCI 4A12. Enrolment is limited.

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