Focuses on the physical and chemical processes occurring in lakes and how those processes affect, and are affected by, the biological components of freshwater environments. Provides both a theoretical foundation through lecture material; as well as direct, hands on field and laboratory experience of how to survey and sample aquatic environments and interpret the data collected.A mandatory one day field trip is held in September to collect samples from Lake Ontario. Students enrolling in this course must pay both the incidental fees as prescribed by the School and the regular tuition fees. Two lectures, one lab (three hours); one term Prerequisite(s): One of EARTH SC 2Q03, ENVIR SC 2Q03, GEO 2Q03 or registration in Level III or above of an Honours Biology, Chemistry, or Integrated Science program, or a program in the Faculty of Engineering Cross-List(s): ENVIR SC 3L03 Antirequisite(s): GEO 3L03, 4L03 Enrolment is limited.

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