Students will select research topics and prepare a thesis either individually or in teams. Two terms Prerequisite(s): One of EARTH SC 3RD3, GEO 3R03, GEOG 3MR3; and registration in Level IV or above in an Honours program in the School of Geography and Earth Sciences; and a CA of at least 7.5; and permission of the course coordinator. Students intending to enrol in this course must submit an application to the course coordinator by March 1 of the academic year prior to registration. Application forms are available from the School of Geography and Earth Sciences main office after February 1. Students will be informed of acceptance of their application on March 15 subject to fulfillment of the CA requirement. Cross-List(s): GEOG 4MT6 Antirequisite(s): EARTH SC 4MR3, GEO 4CC3, 4R06, GEOG 4MR3 Not open to students with credit or registration in ISCI 4A12.Enrolment is limited.

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