This course will focus on global cycles of elements and energy, the role of biological processes in these cycles and the concurrent influence of these cycles on biology and its environment. Topics will include the use of isotopic analysis to understand modern and past cycles, the interaction between global and local processes, and natural and anthropogenic effects on biogeochemical cycles. Two lectures, one lab (three hours); one term Prerequisite(s): One of BIOLOGY 2F03; CHEM 2PD3; CHEM BIO 2P03; EARTH SC 2Q03; ENVIR SC 2Q03; ISCI 2A18. One of EARTH SC 3CC3, 3L03, 3O03; ENVIR SC 3CC3, 3L03, 3O03 is strongly recommended. Cross-List(s): ENVIR SC 4N03 Antirequisite(s): EARTH SC 4O03, ENVIR SC 4O03, GEO 4O03

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