Application of statistical concepts to the analysis of economic data, with attention to Canadian sources. Regression analysis and the use of spreadsheets are included. Topics may also include index numbers. Three lectures; one term Prerequisite(s): ECON 1B03, 1BB3 (or ARTS&SCI 2E03); and one of MATH 1F03, 1K03, Grade 12 Calculus and Vectors U (or Grade 12 Advanced Functions and Introductory Calculus U); and STATS 1L03 or Grade 12 Mathematics of Data Management U Antirequisite(s): COMMERCE 2QA3, EARTH SC 2MB3, ENVIR SC 2MB3, GEO 2S03, 3S03, GEOG 2MB3, HTH SCI 1F03, SOC SCI 2J03, STATS 1A03, 1CC3 Not open to students with credit or registration in ARTS&SCI 2R06, CHEM ENG 4C03, HTH SCI 2A03, POL SCI 3N06, PSYCH 2RA3, 2RB3, 2RR3, PNB 2XE3, 3XE3, SOCIOL 3H06, STATS 2B03, 2D03, 2MB3, 3N03, 3Y03, or if COMMERCE 2QA3 is a program requirement.

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