Elaboration of regression techniques developed in ECON 2B03. Problems of inference and interpretation in the analysis of economic data. Introduction to forecasting in economics. Three lectures; one term Prerequisite(s): ECON 2G03 or 2X03; and ECON 2H03; and ECON 2B03 or one of CHEM ENG 4C03, COMMERCE 2QA3, ENVIR SC 2MB3, GEO 2S03, GEOG 2LL3, 2MB3, 2N03, POL SCI 2F06, 3N06, PSYCH 2G03, 2R03, 2RA3, 2RB3, 2RR3, SOC SCI 2J03, SOCIOL 2Y03, 3H06, STATS 1A03, 1CC3, 2D03, 2R06 or another course that is approved by a departmental counselor as equivalent to ECON 2B03 Not open to students with credit in ECON 3O06, STATS 2MA3, 2MB3, 3D03, or 3DD3 or credit or registration in ECON 4G03.

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