This independent project requires students to incorporate all of the information learned in the previous GIS courses to solve a real world problem, under the supervision of a faculty member. One term Prerequisite(s): One of EARTH SC 3GI3, ENVIR SC 3GI3, GEOG 3GI3; and one of EARTH SC 4GI3, ENVIR SC 4GI3, GEOG 4GI3; and permission of the School of Geography and Earth Sciences. One of EARTH SC 3SA3, ENVIR SC 3SA3, GEOG 3SA3, and one of EARTH SC 3SR3, ENVIR SC 3SR3, GEOG 3SR3 are recommended. Students wishing to enrol need to discuss project options with the Course Coordinator. Cross-List(s): EARTH SC 4GP3, ENVIR SC 4GP3

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